China is the most popular destination to teach English abroad.  With a population of over 1.4 Billion people, the demand for learning English is huge.  Besides an unbelievable culture and history, China offers amazing salaries, good working hours and exciting opportunities for expats.

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Why choose to go teach in China?
You can expect to earn a salary between $2,000 – $2,900 p/m per month.
Compared to other countries China has the highest salaries and low living costs which means you can save more, invest it in your dream or travel without a budget.

Living expenses are low
– Electricity with AC running 18h a day = $65 p.m
– Average train trip (long distance) = $1 p.d
– Average taxi trip (short distance) = $3 p.d
– Eating food just from restaurants = $422 p.m or $250 p.m if you prepare at home
– Phone bill = $6 p.m

Free accommodation or Housing allowance
All the apartments are big enough for 1 person but if you want to live in a bigger place with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms or a bigger kitchen then you can get a housing allowance from the school and the rest will be subtracted from your salary.

Work around 3-6 hours a day
The longer you work the higher your salary will be. One of our agents will ask you if you are interested more in money, free time or a balance of the two.

Different schools have different medical insurance packages but state hospitals are really affordable here.  You also get a bonus in the end of the year and some schools have monthly bonus based on performance.

Most schools’ classes are not bigger than 10 kids
This makes it much easier to teach and control the kids.

You get pre-made lesson plans
The structure of the class with flash cards are given to you.  You just need to get some flash card games and some songs to sing, which you can always google or by asking your co-teachers.

You have a Chinese teaching assistant in class that can understand English
This makes teaching here very easy for new comers.

Travel all over China or to any tropical Asian destination
China is really huge with endless travel opportunities or you can opt to go to Thailand, Bali, Vietnam, Malaysia or Japan (just naming a few) that is a few hours away from China.

If you are not already convinced that China is the best place to teach or you don’t like reading, then watch Nico’s take on life here:

Please note
You must not pay us anything you just have to pay for your own flight ticket and documents to come to China. 

Every teacher will work on a Z (working) Visa.

We also help South Africans with fast document services if it is needed.  The assistant helping you will inform you about this.

1 – Fill out the application form by clicking on the Apply button below
2- One of our expert assistants will arrange a video call with you to give you information and answer your questions.
3 – The assistant will help you to prepare for everything to come to China

These are real people with real stories of transformation and personal growth through teaching in China.

This is the most important app if you want to use the internet in China to connect to YouTube, or any external website and all your social apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, etc.

We suggest you do NOT buy other VPNs because they have problems in China.  Here is a list of the best VPNs that work:


Astrill VPN – fast, amazing support, great interface and it’s the most reliable.

Buy now


Wang VPN – free and stable if it’s up-to-date. It only works on phones.

Download via your app store.

Thunder VPN – free and stable if it’s up-to-date. It only works on phones.

Download via your app store.



We suggest you at least download Wang VPN or buy and download Astrill in your country.

To save money purchase it for a period of 1 to 2 years.  If you are in China you can follow this link

Use Internet Explorer to access and or you can download the apps on the Chinese app store. Here you can find what your heart desires possibly at a cheaper price then in Stores.

If you can’t find the product in English use a translating app and search in Chinese. Just note that you will need a Chinese bank card and a Chinese person at work to help you set this up.

Dear Translate – best translating app for text, voice and screenshots.

VPN – as we said in the 1st tip get Astrill or/and Wang.

MetroMan – train trip assistance for any city in China

Didi – It is China’s uber taxi app

WeChat – it’s is China’s messaging and payment platform

Taobao – for online shopping

JD (Chinese text with 618 in it) – for online shopping

Tantan – the Chinese version of tinder.

Duolingo – a fun app to learn Chinese and other languages.

Xe currency – efficient and fast currency converter.

58Life – you can get apartment cleaning ladies here. food delivery from all the restaurants close by.

You can ask the person from ChinaWork for these details. All we will say is, you can send money back in 24hrs with a fee of around R100. Don’t use banks, that’s not smart!

It is definitely China Telecom or China Unicom do NOT choose China Mobile or any other small companies.

To choose between Telecom and Unicom for your phone sim card you must just ask your coworkers or friends which one has the best signal in your town.

If you need someone to send anything back home or from home in approximately 4 days and door to door add this person on WeChat ID: STX-SA

This is a random list of what is important and what we have felt is difficult to get in China.  All the things an average person needs can be found here if you search hard enough, it’s just some special stuff we have missed or struggled to get.

Here is a list:

Clothes – most of the clothes you bring must be for the season you are arriving in, you can buy cheap clothes on JD or Tabao and bring the rest of your clothes when you visit home.

Deodorant and roll-on – if you don’t care to switch to another brand like AXE buy a 6/12-month supply to be sure.

Spices – pepper, salt and aromat can be found here but if you have something unique bring that, it’s always nice to have the taste of back home!

Underwear – bring your own especially if you are a big man/woman or like your brand.

China Power adapter – China uses a 220 Volt 50 Hz AC if you don’t want to buy a new charger for your phone or laptop.

Supplements – If you use supplements while gyming, you can bring yours to save a bit of money.  The airport won’t give you problems if you bring through 15 containers, just make sure it is sealed.

That’s it! Most things can be found here, you must just know where to look or just ask us.

What salary will I receive?
It all depends on the city you will go teach in, your teaching experience etc.

Will I be kidnapped? Are you doing human trafficking?
NO! Strangely enough we get this question a few times.  You don’t need to worry about being kidnapped.

Go have a look at this BBC video and you will see that there are security cameras EVERYWHERE in China. The chances of something happening to you is almost zero.

Is China safe?
From the above video link, you can see that surveillance is everywhere and as such crime is at a minimum. The general public is also not allowed to own guns in China and as such violent crime almost doesn’t exist.

Is China convenient?
Yes, China is extremely convenient.  We use our phones to do everything here.  We don’t need cars, and if we really need to talk to a local, we use a translating app on our phones. Here are a few more links to show you how technologically advanced this country is:

How do I know I’m not being scammed?
Here at Teach and TEFL we pride ourselves on being honest and open and therefore we have the following policies in place in order to ensure that our teachers are safe.

a. We never ask you for one single cent or take a cut from your salary at any point.
b. We can put you in contact with other people who have been placed by us before
c. You sign a contract directly with your employer and not with us
d. Your employer pays your salary.
e. We will not let you be employed in China without having the correct Z (work) visa.

Where will I work, and how old are the kids?
The students are usually between the ages of 3 and 14 years old and our recruiters have various positions in Training Centers, Kindergartens, Primary schools, Middle schools, and International schools all across China.

Can I come over to China with my child?
This is definitely possible. A little more complicated, but we are able to assist.

How long is the contract?
All contracts are 1 year long.

What happens if I want to stay in China longer?
Extending your contract is always an option. If you sign with the same school for a second year you also receive an additional RMB 5000-10000 bonus just for resigning with the school.

Is there an age limit?
The legal upper age limit is 60, however most people over the age of 40 don’t have the freedom, the desire, the mind-set or the energy to relocate to a new country and we thus advise that people over 45 don’t apply.

Do I need a TEFL certificate to teach in China?
Yes. You have to have a TEFL certificate to obtain the work visa, but to apply on our website you don’t need to have one yet.  You are welcome to do our 120-hour TEFL course or obtain your certificate from any other TEFL provider.  However, just ensure that their certificates can be notarized and that they are accepted for work visa purposes in China.

When is the best time to apply?
English teachers arriving in China are usually taking the place of departing teachers who have finished their contracts.  Therefore, there is no specific “intake period”.  Apply whenever you are ready to come. It usually takes 2-3 months in order to get your documents ready or 1 month with our fast document services.

Can I apply with a friend or spouse?
We encourage this!  We try our best to place friends or family members near each other.

How can I communicate with my family and friends back home?
In this day and age, communicating with loved ones, no matter where in the world they may be, is easy.  Some foreign apps like google and Facebook are blocked in China, although many foreigners still access them daily.  Speak to us if this is something that bothers you and we will walk you through it. You can also use the app called DingTalk in China and any other country to communicate.

How will I get to work every day?
Most teachers will live in close proximity to their schools, so walking and cycling will be the preferred method of getting to and from work.  However, if a school is a bit further away the metro/subway systems are extremely convenient.

What is the food like?
The food in China is delicious, colorful, fresh and relatively cheap!  You have all kinds of options. You may, for example, choose to shop at a western-style supermarket, like Carrefour or Walmart.  Alternatively, you may opt to pick up your groceries at a local market on a street corner and cook up your own stir fry. But most teachers opt for the convenience of stopping at the myriad of cheap Chinese restaurants available in every direction you care to go.  For the less adventurous: there is an over-abundance of KFC, Starbucks, Burger King and McDonalds in every city.

How can I teach if I don’t have any prior teaching experience?
You are not expected to know how to teach on arrival in China, you will receive training, and the 120-hour TEFL course will provide you with some knowledge you need.

How can I teach children if I can’t speak their language?
Speaking Chinese is not at all needed in order to teach in China.  New vocabulary is taught with the aid of flashcards (cards with pictures on them) and grammar is taught through drills, games, rhymes, poems, songs etc.
You will also have a Mandarin-speaking assistant present in most of your classes, and he/she will translate if it is really needed.

What are the class sizes?
Usually between 7 and 10 students per class.

What should I bring with me?
Pack like you were going on holiday. You will be living in a fully furnished apartment so there is no need to bring your TV along.  You can pack your laptop, medication, clothes, toiletries, the necessary documents and of course, your camera.

How much can I expect to save?
It is completely possible to save between $1050 – $1750 / R15,000 – R25,000 of your salary every month.  That just depends on how much you earn and how much you spend.

Once you have submitted your application, we will contact you swiftly within 24 hours.