South Korea

Korea is an incredible teaching destination where the ultra-modern nests itself among centuries-old traditions and ancient culture. With year-round hiring, great employment packages including free accommodation and flight support, Korea stands out as a great place to kickstart a teaching career.

We now have a broad range of partner schools around the country – including classes for young learners, middle/high school students, and even adults. Whether you want to live among the flashing lights of Korea’s booming cities, or a quieter life in the smaller towns, we’ve got you covered.

At Let’s TEFL we’re currently matching new teachers with exciting new jobs starting throughout 2020. Read on for more details and how to apply.

Employment package:

Our English teaching placements come with excellent benefits. You can earn a great wage, enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while you’re overseas, and could even save money to take home with you. Check out our example employment package below:

great wages

Airfare refund

Work visa


12-month contract

Who can teach English in Korea?

What you'll need:

• Be 21+ years old
• Have a bachelors degree (any subject)
• A recognized 120 hour TEFL certificate
• Hold a passport of Britain, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand
• A clean criminal record

What you don’t need:

• Ability to speak Korean
• Previous teaching experience
• Travel experience
• An aversion to kimchi!

You don’t need any previous experience to start teaching in Korea! If you’re new to teaching, you can learn everything you need to know through our online TEFL certification course and be ready to start working within a matter of weeks.

Most teaching positions in Korea require native speakers (UK/US/CAN/AUS/NZ/SA passport holders) to qualify for the E2 visa, however, it can also be possible for qualified non-natives to secure teaching jobs. Please check for more details.

This can be a bit of a tricky one. In a simlar way to Japan, Korea has a very conservative society, and schools have strict requirements when it comes to personal appearances. Most importantly:

  • No visible tattoos (if they can be covered by a long-sleeve shirt this should be fine).
  • Neatly trimmed facial hair.
  • Natural hair colors.

When teaching English in Korea, or elsewhere, you won’t need to speak the local language. In fact, it’s usually discouraged to speak any language other than English in the classroom. However, if you do have an interest in learning Korean, it can be a great opportunity to pick up the language while you’re over there.

If you don’t meet all these requirements, please contact us

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